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It's hard to be a father of girls , you are frustrated that you can't teach them things and games for boys, but as I see you manage to play a game that supposedly is a boy game with your daughter, and finally have fun.

The Game Whisperer


With five daughters I have enjoyed playing games with all of them. The one "Wargame" that we all play is Wings of War, simple but a lot of fun for all of us.

Thanks for the comment.

Randy Newnham

That was a great story! This gives me hopes that my daughter may play Memoir '44 with me and/or her mother (it's one of our favorite games)! I always love to read or hear stories about getting kids into gaming, especially girls. Way to go! I see you tweeted Katie's review of Settlers... thank you!

Patrick Ruedisueli

I love this story, thanks!
Any father will have these kind of "pride and shame game moments" with his daughter. Gotta love it!

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