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John Adkins

They lost a sale to me as well. Having lost far too many family members to tobacco I find this a disgusting manner of packaging. Thanks for speaking out on this!

The Game Whisperer


I can see the comparison that you are making, and you have a point. In my case, it is the association of play and gaming with cigarettes that I'm responding to. Days of Wonder has told me that they have had very little negative feedback from the packaging and that they feel it is harmless. I disagree but realize that it could be limited to only me.

Thank you for the input.

Gavan Brown

This is like saying Dad's Rootbeer promotes alcholism

Howard Tayler

We got a sample from DoW, and threw it away. It's disgusting, and ill-conceived. It's possible that it will play to some demographic, but I think that it will ultimately damage their brand.

I think somebody is going to get fired over this.

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