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Gen con misses opportunity with image irresponsibility.. He-he-he :)


FYI - Possibly in response to this, Gencon (this morning) sent an email asking for submissions to a contest to pick a new SPA logo during this years event.


Meg, I don't know if you've studied practical stats, but if you believe in the objectivity of data then perhaps you haven't. Data is not objective, it is objects. The data-collectors and -interpreters aren't objective either. This is why there is an entire, challenging field of work and research in how to properly conduct research to eliminate researcher's lack of objectivity.

This survey suffers from all three basic errors that skew survey results:

- measurement error, because the question is slanted to favour one side ("offense" is not the point to the anti-icon people)

- coverage error, because as The Game Whisperer points out, those who object to the icon (not "who are offended") are not going to be easily capture by this survey, but the already-established side of "you can't take a joke!" people are easily reached

- non-response error: I find the attempt to put something that I see as a matter of human rights and dignity to a popular vote to be disgusting (not the data collected) means that I refuse to answer the survey

So this survey is probably, due to the lack of effort put into eliminating researcher bias, going to simply confirm the beliefs of the person who created it.


d7- The survey is completely bias free- I'm actually curious as to the numbers with no agenda behind it. Curious as to why you automatically assume that collecting real information is a mob of voices? I think the whole point is to see if it is a "mob"- I personally find the whole issue ridiculous, but am curious to see if I'm in the vast minority.

Data is objective and not "disgusting" by itself.

I posted the link in the blogs that were against the link to try and get an accurate representation of people. If I wanted to sway the results, I would've just asked my friends or people who I thought would vote in one way. This survey has nothing to do with me- if anything, posting it in a blog post actively dismissive of the icon is swaying it in a direction.

The Game Whisperer


d7 brings up a valid point. The number of people who are offended or not offended doesn't remove the offensiveness.

There is data to show that some people have been offended over the years but have not known how to communicate it to someone that can affect change.

Also, the survey will be from a group that are actively interested in Gen Con, who go to the event, and who use Twitter. There is a good chance the many of the non-gaming spouses are NOT in this selection group.


Meg, do you think treating people disrespectfully and as people not worth listening to is OK if we vote on it? That's disgusting.

You posted on my blog with this same link (which I edited out). Trying to raise a mob of voices to shout down the few voices demanding women be treated fairly? Why do you think this is a good idea? It's not like the devil needs yet another advocate here.

The Game Whisperer


Thanks for posting the survey link. I had RT the link to my Twitter feed but completely forgot about posting it here.

I'm interested to see what the results will show.


So let's actually see how many people are offended by the ball and chain icon:
Cast your vote and spread the link! Real data is always preferable to guesses and voodoo!

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