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Oh, and we usually have clouds(Rules to follow!).


The movement of the B-17 is simple, each engine provides 1" of thrust or course correction. Thus the B-17 can move up to 4" straight (with all engines undamaged) or up to 2" forward and two inches sideslip to incorporate "jinking", the combination is left to the B-17 pilot to determine.

As far as the firing arcs go, the fixed guns firing arcs are an amalgamation of rear guns and waist guns, and the forward guns with cheek guns in combination. The firing arcs of the turrets are templates that can be moved to reflect the ability of the hardpoints to track and "lead" the fighters.

Each turn starts with the fighters plotting their moves, and then after the fighters decks are "down" the B-17 moves and sets his field of fire, trying to anticipate the fighters direction.

This scenario was pretty light, we normally have three bombers at varying altitudes with limited range fighter escort.I will be forwarding the rules for specialized damage torchard for FREE distribution, along with contact info for the pieces needed to mak e your own bomber setup.

Look for our next scenario= He 111's and Dorniers raiding London!


I play WoW and am wondering what kind of manuever card you have developed for the B-17/
Also, I am interested in the firing arcs.

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